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candygraez's Journal

28 March 1971
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I listen to a lot of music and draw people as simply as possible. I like wide open spaces and bridges of almost any kind. When I get old I want to paint 24-7. And I don't want any distractions... I'm kind of envious of Syd Barrett, except for the schizophrenic part.
Oh yeah, I'm a guy. I know the name candygraez is confusing... but there's a story behind that. Sort of.
4 track recording, 5, akira kurasawa, anachronistic sayings, andrew bird, astrud gilberto, beat generation, belle and sebastion, big audio dynamite, bill hicks, bing crosby, bluegrass, bob dylan, bridges, carl jung, cartooning, charlie kaufman, charlton laird, chris burden, clint eastwood, club 8, confessions, cowboy bebop, daniel clowes, david lean, def leppard (only pyromania), dirt, dr. sample, dragons, drawing, dreams, driving, duran duran, ennio morricone, everquest, experimental video, fela kuti, fluxus, flyers, fontaine toups, freaks and geeks, french, fyodor dostoyevsky, george clooney, gerhard richter, gertrude stein, ghost world, gillian welch, guitar, hal hartley, harry anderson, heavenly creatures, herman hesse, his name is alive, hockey, innocence mission, johnny cash, judy davis, kate winslet, kevin costner, landscape drawing, language, laurie anderson, led zeppelin, life in hell, loudon wainwright iii, mad max, magnetic fields, marcel duchamp, melanie lynskie, mix tapes, mod fuck explosion, mos def, mose allison, my bloody valentine, nam jun paik, new order, nick cave, nikolai gogol, nina simone, old reggae, paris, parker posey, paul auster, paul bowles, peter jackson, pizza, pj harvey, postal service, powerpuff girls, raymond smullyan, record players, recording, ride, rubberbands, run lola run, seefeel, slacker, sleater-kinney, slowdive, small windows, snow, spirited away, star wars, stereolab, steve mcqueen, superchunk, teh ching hsieh, the bible, the flaming lips, the middle ages, the pastels, the who, tierra del fuego, tom waits, tv, unrest, utah, versus, wes anderson, william s burroughs, wing fu fing, yo la tengo, zero effect